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ELBE ELSO液压设备维护和保养三大重要因素总结第二阶段

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Summary of Three Important Factors in Maintenance and Maintenance of ELBE ELSO Hydraulic Equipment



ELBE ELSO hydraulic equipment maintenance and maintenance of three important factors summarized in the second stage; usually, hydraulic equipment needs to do the following maintenance work:

1.         控制油液污染,保持油液清洁,是确保 液压系统(Hydraulic systems)正常工作的重要措农机液压泵柱塞组建便于维修,使用标准工具就可以拆装,所以零件和组件都是通用的目前由于油液污染严重,造成液压故障频繁发生。据某大型工厂统计,液压系统的故障有80%是由于油液污染引发的。油液污染还加速液压元件(Hydraulic element)的磨损。控制液压系统(Hydraulic systems)中工作油液的温升是最大化减少能源消耗、提高系统效率的一个重要环节。控制液压系统(Hydraulic systems)泄漏极为重要,因为泄漏和吸空是液压系统常见的故障要控制泄漏, 首先是提高液压元件(Hydraulic element)零部件的加工精度和元件的装配质量以及管道系统的安装质量;其次是提高密封件的质量,注意密封件的安装使用与定期更换;最后是加强日常维护。

2.         Controlling oil pollution and keeping oil clean are important measures to ensure the normal operation of ELBE ELSO hydraulic system. The plunger of agricultural machinery hydraulic pump can be assembled and disassembled easily by using standard tools. So the parts and components are universal at present, because of the serious oil pollution, hydraulic failure occurs frequently. According to the statistics of a large factory, 80% of hydraulic system failures are caused by oil pollution. Oil contamination also accelerates the wear of hydraulic components. Controlling the temperature rise of working oil in Hydraulic systems is an important link to minimize energy consumption and improve system efficiency. It is very important to control the leakage of hydraulic system, because leakage and suction are common faults in hydraulic system. The first is to improve the processing accuracy of hydraulic component parts, assembly quality of components and installation quality of pipeline system; the second is to improve the quality of seals, pay attention to the installation, use and periodic replacement of seals. Finally, it is necessary to strengthen daily maintenance.

3.         防止 液压系统(Hydraulic systems)振动与噪声。振动影响液压元件(Hydraulic element)性能,它使螺钉松动,管接头松脱, 从而引起漏油,甚至使油管破裂。一旦出现螺钉断裂等故障,又会造成人身和设备事故。因此要防止和排除振动现象。严格执行日常点检和定检制度。点检和定检是设备维护修理工作的基础之一。液压系统(Hydraulic systems)故障存在着隐蔽性、可变性和难于判断性的三大难关。因此对液压系统的工作状态进行点检和定检,把可能产生的故障现象记录在日检维修卡上,并将故障排除在萌芽状态,最大化减少重大事故的发生,同时也为设备检修提供第一手资料。严格执行定期紧固、清洗、过滤和更换制度。液压设备在工作过程中,由于冲击振动,磨损、污染等因素,使管件松动,金属件和密封件磨损,因此必须对液压件及油箱等实行定期清洗和维护修理,对油液、密封件、执行延期更换制度。

4.         Prevent vibration and noise of ELBE ELSO hydraulic system. Vibration affects the performance of Hydraulic element, which causes the screw to loosen and the pipe joint to loosen, thus causing oil leakage and even the tubing to break. Once the screw breaks and other faults occur, it will cause personal and equipment accidents. Therefore, the phenomenon of vibration should be prevented and eliminated. Strict implementation of the daily inspection and inspection system. Point inspection and fixed inspection are one of the foundations of equipment maintenance and repair. Hydraulic system faults have three difficulties: concealment, variability and difficult to judge. Therefore, the working state of the hydraulic system is checked and checked, and the possible faults are recorded on the daily inspection and maintenance card, and the faults are eliminated in the budding state to minimize the occurrence of major accidents. At the same time, the first-hand information is provided for equipment maintenance. Strict implementation of regular tightening, cleaning, filtering and replacement system. Hydraulic equipment in the working process, due to impact vibration, wear, pollution and other factors, pipe loose, metal parts and seals wear, so it is necessary to carry out regular cleaning and maintenance repair of hydraulic parts and tanks, oil, seals, implementation of the delayed replacement system.

5.         严格贯彻工艺纪律。在自动化程度比较高的大批量生产的现代化机械加工工厂里,机械设备专业化生产程度比较高,生产的节拍性很强,需按照加工要求和生产节拍来调节液压系统(Hydraulic systems)的压力和流量,防止操作控制者为了加快节拍,而将液压系统工作压力调高和运动速度加快的现象。不合理的调节不仅增加功率消耗,油温升高,而且会导致液压系统出现故障。建立 液压设备技术档案。设备技术档案是"管好、用好、修好"设备的技术基础, 是备件管理、设备检修和技术改造的原始依据。所以认真建立液压设备技术档案将有助于分析和判断液压故障的产生原因,并为采取果断措施排除故障提供依据。要建立液压元件(Hydraulic element)修理试验场所农机液压泵机械操纵、液压伺服排量控制可以保持斜盘的角度以及相应的排量为确保修理过的液压元件达到原有技术性能要求, 或对库存液压元件进行质量抽查,或对进口液压元件在测绘试制之前进行性能测试等,都需要有一个修理试验场所液压泵伺服阀可以连接功能调节器和远程控制系统。

6.         Strict implementation of technological discipline. In modern mechanical processing factories with high automation and mass production, the degree of specialized production of machinery and equipment is relatively high, and the rhythm of production is very strong. The pressure and flow rate of hydraulic system need to be adjusted according to the processing requirements and production rhythm, so as to prevent the operator from adjusting the working pressure and movement speed of hydraulic system in order to speed up the rhythm. Accelerated phenomenon. Unreasonable regulation not only increases power consumption and oil temperature, but also leads to hydraulic system failure. Establish technical files of ELBE ELSO hydraulic equipment. Equipment technical archives are the technical basis of "managing, using and repairing" equipment, and the original basis of spare parts management, equipment maintenance and technical transformation. Therefore, the establishment of technical files of hydraulic equipment will help to analyze and judge the causes of hydraulic failure, and provide the basis for taking decisive measures to eliminate the failure. It is necessary to establish a hydraulic element repair test site for agricultural machinery hydraulic pump mechanical control, hydraulic servo displacement control to maintain the angle of the inclined plate and the corresponding displacement to ensure that the repaired hydraulic components meet the original technical performance requirements, or to carry out quality spot checks on the stock hydraulic components, or to test the performance of imported hydraulic components before mapping and trial production. There is a need for a repair test site where hydraulic pump servo valves can be connected to functional regulators and remote control systems.

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